This article walks you through the installation steps for Rafiki with Zoho CRM

Integration Rafiki with Zoho CRM is done by the Zoho admin for the entire organization. Find out more on which CRM Objects are synced with Rafiki.

  1. From the Settings page, go to Integrations > CRM, and select Zoho.

  2. Click Add Integration.

  3. Follow the instructions: sign in to your Zoho account, and authorize access to Rafiki.

  4. Note: You must be the Zoho administrator for your company to connect Rafiki to Zoho. Only one Zoho CRM account per company is supported

  5. When you connect to Zoho CRM, we install a Rafiki for Zoho CRM app instance in your Zoho account, and ask for the following permissions:

  • Manage metadata

  • Retrieve user data

  • Read all the resources in a module

  • Add resources to a module

  • Update resources in a module

Click on Accept to complete the integration.

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