Enable native Zoom recording

Explains how to set up native zoom recording to automatically record calls in the cloud

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When using Zoom web-conferencing, enable native Zoom recording for the best experience and recording quality.

Recording with Zoom (native recording) has clear benefits:

  • Highest-possible video and audio recording

  • On-screen recording notification

  • When screen-sharing or discussing sensitive information, Host can stop, start, and pause the recording as needed

  • No ghost meeting participant

  • Ability to leverage Zoom's customizable consent options.

  • For more information, and to learn how to customize the disclaimer, go to the Zoom documentation below: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/360026909191-Enabling-the-recording-disclaimer

  • When enabled, the Zoom recording disclaimer plays separately for each meeting participant, gaining their implied consent.

  • Zoom's recording prompt plays privately so participants only hear it once

Note that it can take a little longer for the call to appear in Rafiki, as it has to wait for Zoom to make it ready for retrieval.

Make sure you meet the following requirements:

  1. A Pro or Business or Enterprise Zoom account.

  2. Make sure that the Cloud recording and Automatic recording settings are unlocked on the account or relevant group level.

From your Settings page, go to Setting > Integrations > Web conference > Zoom.

  1. In the Zoom integration page, click Test Zoom Set Up. During the test, Rafiki checks the settings for users and meetings in both Rafiki and Zoom to make sure Zoom recording can be enabled successfully. The test can take a few minutes to run.

  2. When the test is complete, check the test results:

  3. To save on Zoom storage, toggle Delete recordings from Zoom once they are retrieved by Rafiki to ON.

  4. Click ENABLE ZOOM RECORDING to use Zoom to record meetings wherever possible.

For a proper use of Zoom, please setup Detailed Zoom settings for native Zoom recording

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