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Quick Start Implementation Guide

Easy set of steps to help you get setup and start using Rafiki


Here you will find helpful articles to integrate with your calendar, conference, CRM or other tools

Product Pages

Check this collection to quickly catch up on the product features

Getting Started

This is where you get acquainted with Rafiki and hopefully become best buds!

Explore Rafiki

This collections contains a list of articles that will help you get to know Rafiki more deeply.

Chrome Extension

How Rafiki Chrome Extension can help you record, transcribe, analyze and get more out of your Web Conference calls


See how Rafiki can help asses and improve team performance

Coaching with Rafiki

Create customized scorecards for your team to provide structured and unstructured feedback

Smart Follow Up with Rafiki

How Rafiki helps you create your post meeting follow up email with key moments tagged from meeting and engage prospects in a Live Chat

Smart Call Summary

Get automatic Smart Call Summaries powered by GPT

Followup Workflow in Rafiki
Rafiki Notetaker

Setup Rafiki Notetaker to automatically record client organized calls

ChatGPT for Sales

Ask Rafiki Anything to get quick answers

Deal Forecasting

How Rafiki does Deal Forecasting