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What to expect from your brand new Rafiki account?

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Step 1: Open your email invitation from your Rafiki admin and click on “Sign in to” OR go to and click login to reach the login page

Step 2: You can create a username and password to log in

Sign into Rafiki with your email id and password.

Step 3: Configure Your Calendar:

Make sure your calendar is connected to ensure Rafiki will automatically join your calls. If your calendar is not connected, you can connect it in Settings > Integrations > Calendar > Google / Outlook.

Integrating your calendar with Rafiki.

Once done, you will see your upcoming meetings listed, see which meetings are automatically set to record and the ones that are not, and even proactively toggle recording on or off for individual meetings as needed.

turn on record settings

Step 4: Set Up Your Voice Fingerprint:

Setting your voice fingerprint will improve Rafiki’s AI’s ability to accurately transcribe your speech and identify your voice even if you’re making a dialer call or if there are multiple people in the same room.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to your Profile Settings > click Voice Pattern

  • You will be prompted to read a short passage aloud and save it

Voice pattern recording
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