Aircall Dialer Integration

Rafiki Aircall Integration allows highest quality recording and transcription with accurate attribution

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  1. From the Settings page, go to Integrations > Dialer, and select Aircall.

  2. Click Add Integration.

  3. Login to your Aircall account as Admin User.

    Aircall integration

    Important Note: Rafiki Aircall integration can only be done by the Aircall Admin.

  4. Click Authorize

    Aircall integration

    Upon successful integration, you should see a confirmation page like this

    integration succeeded

  5. In the Rafiki app navigate to Settings > User Management > Click on Invite New User > Enter the Email address of each user that you want Rafiki to transcribe Aircall Calls for. Each of these users will receive an Invite Email to set up their Rafiki Account. The Rafiki Account should be set up with the same email as the Aircall account for each of these users.

    User set up

  6. Aircall Admin user's Dashboard should show Rafiki under Integrations & API

    Aircall Rafiki integration

  7. Click on the Rafiki Card and Add numbers under the Connected Numbers section. Select all Aircall users/numbers that you want Rafiki to Track users. Please note each of these users should create their Rafiki account as outlined in Step #5 above.

    Important Note: Aircall Admin can remove a connected number at any point and Rafiki will not transcribe or process calls for that user

    Aircall dahsboard

  8. For each of the Aircall users enable automatic call recording as outlined in this Aircall help article: Activating the Call Recording Feature

    Automatic recording in Aircall

  9. All Aircall-connected numbers whose Rafiki accounts created have been created will now see their Aircall Recorded Calls being transcribed and processed automatically. On call completion, Rafiki will transcribe and process the call and it will appear in the Meeting Dashboard within an hour.

    Rafiki Meeting Dashboard

    Important Note: You will not see the call in the Rafiki Dashboard until transcription and processing has been completed. Rafiki processes calls > 30 seconds

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