Integrate Rafiki with Salesforce

This article walks you through the installation steps for Rafiki with Salesforce

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Integration Rafiki with Salesforce is done by the Salesforce admin for the entire organization.

Details of the Sales integration can be found in the Rafiki Listing in AppExchange.

  1. From the Settings page, go to Integrations > CRM, and select Salesforce.

  2. Click Add Integration.

  3. Follow the instructions: sign in to your Salesforce account, and authorize access to Rafiki.

  4. Note: You must be the Salesforce administrator for your company to connect Rafiki to Salesforce. Only one Salesforce account per company is supported

  5. When you connect to Salesforce, we install a Rafiki for Salesforce app instance in your Salesforce account, and ask for the following permissions:

  • Access the identity URL service

  • Manage user data via APIs

  • Manage user data via Web browsers

  • Access Connect REST API resources

  • Access Visualforce applications

  • Access unique user identifiers

  • Access custom permissions

  • Access Analytics REST API resources

  • Access Analytics REST API Charts Geodata resources

  • Manage hub connections

  • Manage Pardot services

  • Access Lightning applications

  • Access content resources

  • Manage Salesforce CDP Ingestion API data

  • Manage Salesforce CDP profile data

  • Perform ANSI SQL queries on Salesforce CDP data

  • Access chatbot services

  • Perform requests at any time

  • Perform requests on your behalf at any time

Click on Authorize to complete the integration.

Salesforce Integration

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