Introduction to the homepage

The homepage is where you land after logging in.

Rafiki's 3 panel home page with meetings, transcript, and meeting video in one screen.

Here you can:

  • See all the meetings (upcoming meetings, all meetings, your meetings)

  • See The transcript of the meetings.

  • Toggle between meetings transcript view and topic view for each meeting.

  • Search phrases or topics across all your meetings or just one transcript.

Topics view of meeting transcripts - A Rafiki exclusive
  • View the meeting video with the conversation metrics and speaker topic tracks and durations.

  • Navigate to your auto-generated meeting notes, user-created snippets, or the meeting analysis tab from the transcript.

  • Play the exact portion of your meeting video from the transcript, comment, create a snippet from the meeting transcript, and add specific transcript portions to your notes.

  • Download the meeting video, audio, or transcript directly from the home screen.

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