The Meetings Pane

This article explains about the meeting pane and the meeting list you get in Rafiki

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The Meetings Pane:

The Upcoming Section under the meetings pane in Rafiki fetches all the upcoming meetings of your team from their synced calendar and shows you the upcoming meetings’ details such as the meeting name, the date and time of the scheduled meeting, the rep who’s the owner of the meeting, the linked account for the meeting and also a toggle switch to enable or disable the recording for the meeting.

Note: If the recording of the meeting is disabled, Rafiki will not record, transcribe or analyze the meeting.

The “All Meetings” section under Rafiki gives you the details of all your team’s meetings that have been recorded and analyzed and the "My Meetings" section displays only meetings that you owned.

Rafiki displays details such as the meeting name, scheduled date and time of the meeting, the owner of the meeting, number of participants, with whom the meeting has been shared. You can share add the meeting to a playlist, share the meeting with your colleagues or your team, or even share the link externally with a set expiry date.

Rafiki Add to playlists in meeting dashboard

You can also edit the meeting details, print the entire transcript of the meeting, or download the audio, video, and transcript files of the meeting.

Check out this video to see all the meeting-level actions possible in Rafiki.

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