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Getting maximum purchase from your call recordings.
Getting maximum purchase from your call recordings.

This article explains how you can begin to maximize your benefits from Rafiki's analysis

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Rafiki records, transcribes and analyzes all your conversations thoroughly. You can come back to review all your calls at any time.

You can come back and listen to what was being said, how you sound on the call, and how the customer reacted to each of your suggestions. The ability to retrospect and Improve your customer conversations is critical to stay relevant. Apart from the meeting recordings, Rafiki also gives you your entire meeting transcription sorted by topics discussed, your conversion metrics, speaker talk tracks, and the option to jump to the exact video portion, directly from the meeting transcript.

Depending on your notification settings, you will receive an email as soon as your meeting is processed like the image shown below. You can click on the link to go to your Rafiki account and review the call.

meeting processing completed email

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