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Scorecards - Hone your selling skills with Rafiki
Scorecards - Hone your selling skills with Rafiki

This article explains how you can start selling better with Rafiki.

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Hone your selling skills

Once your meeting is recorded and analyzed, Rafiki will notify you through email. You can directly go to the Rafiki home page to view the meeting transcript sorted by topic, your meeting video, and the basic conversation stats side-by-side.

You can see what went well, what has to be improved in your next meeting, what is the main pain point of your customer, and if you’re meeting went in the right direction.

If something important was discussed, you can comment on the transcript portion directly or snippet the portion and share it with your teammates. You can even create a playlist full of snippets and use that to coach your team and ramp up new reps.

Moreover, if you’re not sure about how the call went or need a second set of eyes to take a look, you can invite your seniors to score your meeting on various parameters using the scorecard section of Rafiki.


You can search for either key phrases or topics within your meeting transcripts to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Check out this video to see how you can use Rafiki’s Transcript search functionality

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