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Get Sharper with meeting analysis
Get Sharper with meeting analysis

This article explains how you can have sharper conversations by leveraging Rafiki's meeting analysis.

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Get Sharper with meeting analysis

Know exactly how your meeting went, where has worked well, and what has to be course-corrected before your next meeting. With Rafiki’s analysis, you get conversation metrics such as talk-listen ratio, question rate, interactivity, etc., conversation topic track for the meeting, topic duration breakdown for each topic discussed, and the rep averages for all the topics.

To see your meeting analysis

Meeting conversation metrics
  • Click on the meeting you want to review.

  • Click on the ‘Analysis’ tab right under your meeting’s name

  • You will land on the conversation metrics page.

  • You can click move to the topic tracks of the meeting or to the topic duration breakdown of the meeting by clicking on the respective buttons to the extreme right pane of the Analysis tab

Meeting level analysis
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