This article walks you through the installation steps for Rafiki with Pipedrive CRM

Integration Rafiki with Pipedrive CRM is done by the Pipedrive admin for the entire organization.

  1. From the Settings page, go to Integrations > CRM, and select Pipedrive.

  2. Click Add Integration.

  3. Follow the instructions: sign in to your Pipedrive account, and authorize access to Rafiki.

  4. Note: You must be the Pipedrive administrator for your company to connect Rafiki to Pipedrive. Only one Pipedrive CRM account per company is supported

  5. When you connect to Pipedrive CRM, we install a Rafiki for Pipedrive CRM app instance in your Pipedrive account, and ask for the following permissions:

  • Access to basic information

    Read settings of the authorized user and currencies in an account. This is the default permission that is always enabled for all apps.

  • Deals: Full access

    Create, read, update and delete deals, its participants and followers; all files, notes and filters. It also includes read access to deal fields, pipelines, stages and statistics. Does not include access to activities (except last and next activity related to a deal).

  • Contacts: Read only

    Read data about persons and organizations, their related fields and followers; all notes, files, filters.

  • Read users data

    Read data about users (people with access to a Pipedrive account), their permissions, roles and followers.

  • Leads: Read only

    Read leads and lead labels.

Click on Accept to complete the integration.

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