How to set up or edit trackers in Rafiki?

This article explains how you can setup trackers in Rafiki.

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Trackers are custom words or phrases from your company's glossary that you can add under a topic, for Rafiki to understand your organization better. For example, you can add the name of your common competitors as a tracker and link them to the topic 'Competitors'. You can also use the trackers to find out if your reps are talking about new features or new products that you have just launched.

You can add as many trackers as you want, link them to a topic, and also add associated keywords with them. For example, if you're adding Google as a tracker, you can add keywords such as meet, chrome, pixel, suite, Gmail, and the like.

Rafiki automatically identifies the trackers and the keywords from your conversations, understands the topic they are associated with, and analyses your conversation accordingly. The more trackers and keywords you add, the more contextually accurate Rafiki's conversation intelligence gets.

Steps to set up trackers

Step 1: Click on the 'Settings' icon.

Step 2: Click on the 'Trackers' tab.

Step 3: You can see a list of all your trackers, the topics they fall under, the keywords associated with them, and the person who last updated a tracker.

Step 4: Click on the 'Add Tracker' button. An 'Add Tracker' dialog box will appear.

Step 5: Enter the details of your tracker such as tracker name, the topic it falls under, and the keywords associated with the tracker.

Note: Remember, the more keywords you add for a tracker, the better Rafiki's analysis gets. We recommend adding at least five keywords for a tracker.

Step 6: Click on 'Add'.

Your tracker gets added and should appear on the list of trackers available.

Adding a tracker in Rafiki

Steps to edit a tracker

Step 1: Click on the edit (pencil) icon on the row of the tracker you want to edit. The edit tracker dialog box will appear.

Step 2: Make necessary edits to the tracker details, displayed on the dialog box.

Step 3: Click 'Update'.

The details of the tracker get updated.

Editing a tracker in Rafiki.

Note: If you have edited a tracker added by your teammate, the 'LAST UPDATED BY' value corresponding to the tracker gets updated to your username.

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