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This article contains links to videos that can help you handle common situations you or your team might encounter in your routine sales process with Rafiki.

Getting to know Rafiki

Video Title


Approximate Duration

Learn the basics of Rafiki's features and kick-start your enhanced sales journey.

3 mins

Rafiki for Sales Reps

Understand how you can skim through your call data and get a real understanding of how it went.

4 mins

See how you can get deep conversation insights for all your meetings.

3 mins 45 secs

Learn how you can get better at having your conversations by getting feedback from your seniors for your meetings.

2 mins

See what are the meeting level actions such as share or download possible for meetings in Rafiki.

3 mins 40 secs

Learn how you can search through your call transcripts.

2 mins 10 secs

Learn how you can get to the depth of your deals and what's actually happening in them.

2 mins

Learn how to definitively conclude if your meeting went well or not.

1 min 45 secs

Learn how to spot factors affecting your deals from your conversations.

2 mins 30 secs

See how you can share your meetings with your colleagues from Rafiki.

2 mins 45 secs

Learn how you can create and share playlists of your meetings or meeting snippets in Rafiki.

3 mins

Create snippets, add comments, or take notes directly from the video playback without sifting through multiple screens.

2 mins 10 secs

Learn how to toggle meeting recording on or off in Rafiki.

1 min 30 secs

Rafiki for Sales Managers

Learn how you can quickly review the calls of your reps.

3 mins

Learn how you can spot your team's best conversationalist in under 2 mins.

1 min 45 secs

Learn how you can coach your whole team with the success pattern of your best conversationalist.

3 mins 31 secs

See how you can compare topics of two meetings side-by-side and know which one went better in Rafiki.

2 mins 30 secs

Learn how to slice your meeting data with search filters to get segment-specific insights from Rafiki and also set recurring alerts.

3 mins 25 secs

See a breakdown of your rep's conversation topics, how they are talking, and how you can coach them to bridge the gaps.

5 mins

Rafiki for Sales Enablement Leaders

Learn how you can ramp up your new reps quickly and effectively.

3 mins

Help your reps improve by showing them the right calls to follow.

2 min 30 secs

Learn how you can say the right things at different deal stages that would keep your deal moving towards closure.

2 mins 30 secs

See how you can check if your reps are implementing your suggestion.

3 mins 20 secs

See how you can facilitate managers to give consistent feedback across all aspects of reps' calls.

3 min 20 secs

Learn how you can encourage the right messaging to be conveyed on your rep's calls.

2 min 47 secs

Rafiki for Customer Success Managers

Learn how you can take feedback from your customers directly to your team.

2 min 33 sec

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