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Integrating with RingCentral Dialer
Integrating with RingCentral Dialer

How to integrate RingCentral with Rafiki

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Updated over a week ago is requesting access to RingCentral

  • Create, view, and edit your personal contacts

  • View and update your meetings

  • View your account and extension data

  • View your call log

  • View your call log and download call recordings

  • View your personal contacts

  • View your presence

  • Make RingOut calls on your behalf

  • Subscribe to webhook notifications

Click Authorize to allow this app and RingCentral to use your information in accordance with terms of service and privacy policies.

Ringcentral permissions
  • Please make sure you have enabled automatic call recording for the users in RingCentral. contact RingCentral support to make you are setup correctly.

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