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Create Meeting Snippets by Choosing Transcript Blocks
Create Meeting Snippets by Choosing Transcript Blocks

This article explains how you can create meeting snippets with multiple transcript blocks

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You can create snippets of your meetings with Rafiki. Create snippets by modifying the video length or choosing the starting and ending transcript blocks from within Rafiki. This article explains how.

Creating Snippets in Rafiki

Step 1: Click on the 'Create/Edit Snippets' icon right above the transcript section, and hit the 'Create Snippet' button.

Creating Snippets in Rafiki

Step 2: In the dialog box that appears, choose how you want to create the snippet. To create a snippet by adjusting the video timeline, click on the 'By Video' tab. To create a snippet by choosing relevant Transcript blocks, click on the 'By Transcripts' tab.

Creating snippets by transcripts or video in Rafiki

Step 3a: If you've chosen 'By Transcripts' in step 2, click on the transcript block blocks that you want to add to your snippet. You can create a snippet with just one block, select only specific transcript blocks, or even have the whole meeting added as a snippet. With Rafiki, the control is in your hands!

Rafiki automatically updates the 'Snippet Start Time' & 'Snippet End Time' fields with the timestamps of the transcript blocks you select and creates a snippet of the conversation from the first transcript block you've selected till the last one you've chosen. The entire conversation between the selected transcript blocks is by default added to the snippet.

Selecting multiple transcript blocks to snippet

Step 3b: If you've chosen 'By Video' on step 2, you can create a snippet by clicking and dragging the video duration line to adjust the 'Snippet Start Time', and the 'Snippet End Time.'

Step 4: Give your snippet a name and a description so your colleagues can get context when you share it with them. You can choose to add the snippet to an existing playlist or create a new one right from the pop-up.

Creating snippets by video in Rafiki

Wait for the success message and ensure that your snippet is created successfully and added to the Playlist.

Pro Tip:

Rafiki automatically opens up the sharing dialog box as soon as you create a snippet.

To share the snippet externally, add the recipient email ids separated by a comma, add a message to help them with some context, set the link expiry time-frame, choose if you want to get notified when someone opens the link, and click on share.

Sharing snippets externally in Rafiki

Additionally, you can share snippets within your organization by checking the box next to your colleagues' names or even share it with an entire team by selecting a team from the drop-down menu.

Sharing snippets internally in Rafiki

Sharing snippets is a great way to collaborate with your team and an effective way to build healthy relationships with your consumers!

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