The Recording settings within Rafiki give you controls over which meetings should be recorded by the Rafiki Notetaker. The recording options can be configured only by the organization admins.

The recording settings options can be accessed from

"Settings ➡️ Recording/Compliance Settings".

The available recording configurations are as follows:

  1. Record meetings organized by anyone (All) - Permits Rafiki Notetaker to record all web-conference calendar meetings organized by internal and external users.

  2. Record only meetings organized by anyone in my email domain (Internal) - Restricts Rafiki Notetaker to only record meetings that are organized by members within the users' email domain --> 'the default setting'

  3. Record only meetings organized by me (RafikiUser) - Restricts Rafiki Notetaker to record only meetings that are organized by the user.

  4. Record only meetings that Rafiki Notetaker ([email protected]) is invited to (InviteOnly)- Restricts Rafiki NoteTaker to record only the meetings where it is invited as a participant.

    Note: Meetings organized by external users will be recorded only if option #1 is chosen.

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