Rafiki Notetaker enables recordings for Zoom (free accounts) and Google Meet (free accounts and Google Workspace Starter accounts).

Rafiki Notetaker will automatically attempt to join calls synced from the users' Calendar based on users' Recording Settings.

The recording settings are available under

"Settings ➡️ Recording/Compliance Settings"

  1. To ensure all internal and external calls (organized by any external stakeholder or client) are always recorded, the Recording Setting should be "Record meetings organized by anyone."

  2. To record all internals ( calls organized by users within your email domain), the Recording Setting should be "Record only meetings organized by anyone in my email domain."

  3. To only record calls organized by me, the Recording Setting should be "Record only meetings organized by me."

  4. To only record calls to which Rafiki Notetaker is invited, Recording Setting should be "Record only meetings that Rafiki Notetaker ([email protected]) gets invited to."

Key points to remember

  • The meeting organizer (internal or external) will always have to admit the Rafiki NoteTaker into the call. Once in the meeting, the Notetaker will notify all attendees with a message, letting them know that the call is being recorded.

  • The Notetaker can be removed from the call at any time.

  • If the Notetaker is denied entry, the meeting will not be recorded or processed.

  • If the Notetaker gets removed from the meeting before the meeting ends, only part of the meeting where the Notetaker was present will be recorded and processed.

Pro Tip: If you have Zoom Pro or Enterprise license, we strongly recommend performing a native integration with Zoom for high-quality video recording and transcripts.

If you have Google Workspace Business Standard or above license, we strongly recommend using the native integration with Google Meet.

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