If you have a native Google Meet integration (with Google Workspace Business Standard+ license) or native Zoom integration (with Zoom Pro or Enterprise license), Rafiki restricts recordings to only calls organized by users within your organization.

To record impromptu meetings or meetings organized by an external party with the Rafiki Notetaker, please make sure the Recording settings are as documented here. (Settings ➡️ Recording Settings)

You can add the Rafiki Notetaker to any live Google Meet or Zoom meeting.

Here's how:

Step 1: Click on the "Join Live Meeting" button.

Step 2: In the dialog box that appears, give the recording a title and a description for your future reference (this name need not be the same as your meeting's name).

Step 3: Choose Audio or Video recording from the radio buttons.

Step 4: Enter the URL of the meeting you want to record and click 'Submit.'

You should get a success message as depicted below

The Notetaker will join the call in a few seconds of clicking on the submit button.

Note: Currently, Rafiki only supports Zoom and Google Meet URLs.

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