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Learn how scorecards can be used to provide structured feedback.

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  1. What is the Default Scorecard?

    This is the out-of-the-scorecard template that can be used to create custom scorecards. It cannot be deleted but can be edited or used as is.

  2. What are the questions in the Default Scorecard?

    1. Did the Rep offer a pilot? Were success criteria set?
    2. How well did the Rep handle the customer's concerns?
    3. How would you rate the Rep's overall performance in the call?
    4. Did the Rep set clear next steps
    5. Was the buying process clearly explained to the customer?
    6. Were the goals of the call achieved?
    7. Were the customer's pain points identified?
    8. Did the Rep validate our ability to solve the customer's pain?
    9. Did the Rep clearly communicate our benefits and capabilities?
    10. Did the Rep ask open-ended, in-depth questions?
    11. How would you rate this call?

  3. I accidentally modified the Default Scorecard Template is there a way to restore it?

    In the Settings > General > Manage Scorecards tab select Default Template from the dropdown and below the table is the Restore Defaults button to restore the original set of questions in the scorecard.

    Default Scorecard Template

  4. Who can create scorecard templates and scorecards for meetings?

    Any user with the Manager or Admin role can create/edit/delete/publish scorecard templates from the Settings > General > Manage Scorecards tab.

  5. Who can view the scorecards created for meetings?

    If the scorecard's "Viewable By" permission is set to Public then any can view the scorecards. The default is Public.

    If assigned to "Specific Users" - those selected users can view the scorecard. Additionally, the scorecard will be visible to the manager that scored the manager and any other users with manager or admin roles.

    Scorecard shared publicly or with specific users

  6. How do I know which meetings have scorecards?

    Meetings that have scorecards have a purple dot over the scorecard icon in the top content panel

    Meetings with scorecards

  7. What can users with Rep/User role see and edit?

    Rep/User can view existing Scorecard templates under Settings > Manage Scorecards (create/edit/delete/publish templates not allowed).

    Can view scorecards that are set to Public or if they are added to the Viewable By user list.

  8. What does publishing a template mean?

    Publishing makes the template final and available for use in Meetings. We recommend that you publish a template when it is final. A published template cannot be deleted. Adding/editing/deleting questions from a published template is not recommended as it will affect analytics.

  9. What is the easiest way to create a template?

    Clone the Default Scorecard Template. Add/update questions as needed and publish the template to be able to use to score meetings.

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