Here you can quickly compare and contrast your current meeting with other meetings or other reps and see how your conversion metrics are fairing against your own prior meeting or from another rep.

General Stats

The left section under this tab offers 3 options:

The general stats allows you to compare the Talk-Listen Ratio, Longest Monologue, Longest Story, Patience, Question Rate, and Interactivity stats across time.

Meeting level anaylsis

You can also add another rep or team's meetings over time and compare the metrics.


Topic Tracks

The Topic Tracks option, gives a detailed view of the topics spoken over time and quickly allows you to compare how another rep may have addressed the meetings. By comparing the Topic Tracks

Topic tracks

Topic Breakdown

The topic Breakdown option similarly allows the rep to compare the topics and their sub-topics across multiple meetings.

Topic breakdown

With these detailed analysis options and state-of-the-art transcription quality, Rafiki provides unsurpassed Conversation Analytics and Intelligence to the user.

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