Rafiki offers analytics on scorecard templates to help Sales Leaders and Enablement Managers understand if the processes in place are working.

  1. Navigate to Analytics > Scorecard Metrics

  2. View the per-question average score for the reps in your org

    Scorecard Analytics

  3. User the filters on top to further option granular results

    Filters for scorecard analytics

  4. Download reports for the selected scorecard template

    Download a per template report

  5. Format of the report

    1. Internal Meeting Id

    2. Meeting Title

    3. Recorded Date

    4. Duration in Seconds

    5. Meeting Host

    6. Scored By User

    7. Scored Date

    8. Score Visibility (Public or Selected users)

    9. Meeting link

    10. Question and Remark Columns for each of the questions

      Here is a sample of how the report for a template looks like:

      Sample Scorecard Template report

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