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Smart Follow Up with Rafiki
Smart FollowUp™ powered by GPT
Smart FollowUp™ powered by GPT

Rafiki's ChatGPT integration allows you to automatically generate post-call follow up emails

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Rafiki is now integrated with GPT to auto-generate your Smart FollowUp emails. Once the call has been processed by Rafiki it will appear on the Meetings Dashboard.

To auto-generate your follow-up email:

  1. Click on the OpenAI icon in the top Content Panel in the Meeting.

    SmartFollowUp from Rafiki
  2. Select our Default SmartFollowUp prompt or add your custom prompts in our Prompt Library

    Rafiki Prompt Library

  3. Click on the Generate Button on the left bottom to get the follow-up email generated by Chat GPT. Apart from the prompt Rafiki automatically sends relevant portions of the conversation.

    Generate SmartFollowup

  4. Click on Send Email button to open up the Email ready to be sent from your Email Provider

    Sample Smart Follow Up Email

    Rafiki supports Smart FollowUp Email generation only for calls < 30 minutes. 
    This feature is currently only available to customers with Premium

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