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How to customize Follow-Up prompt and auto-generate emails
How to customize Follow-Up prompt and auto-generate emails

Learn how to alter the default follow up prompt and use that to auto generate your follow up emails

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How to customize the Follow-up prompt

  1. Login to Rafiki

  2. Navigate to Settings > General > select Customize Prompt on the left pane.

  3. Clone the default prompt, edit sections as needed ( for example the default prompt has sections to generate timestamped key moments from the call – you can remove this if you do not want the AI engine to generate time-stamped key moments), and save it under a new name

Default Follow up prompt

You can use the default follow-up prompt as is too.

How to use this prompt and auto-generate emails

  1. Navigate to Meetings Dashboard

  2. You will see this icon highlighted in the screenshot below if you are the host of that meeting and you have a Premium Rafiki license

  3. Click the icon to open the Follow-up email generation window. Select the newly saved follow-up prompt and click on the Generate button

    Once you click the generate button a follow-up email will appear in the right pane in 20-30 seconds. Please verify the email for correctness, and edit as needed.

    Auto generated email msg from Rafiki
  4. Click on the send email button in bottom right. This will open a new window with your email provider (currently GMail and Outlook are supported providers) with the To, Subject, and Body auto-populated.

Sample follow up email

Click on the Gmail or Outlook send button to send the email.

If your meeting and account or deal were linked in Rafiki, this follow-up email will be pushed to the CRM Notes section.

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