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Sample post call follow up prompts that you can setup Rafiki with

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Here are some tested samples from the Rafiki Team

Sample 1

Compose a professional and appreciative follow-up email to a customer after a business call. The email should start with a thank you message for the customer's time and insights during the call.

It should include a concise summary of the call in 4-5 bullet points, highlighting key topics and agreements made. Emphasize the importance of the customer's contributions and how they will influence the project or collaboration moving forward.

The tone should be warm, grateful, and professional. Conclude with an invitation for any further questions and a positive, forward-looking statement about the next steps.

Sample 2

Write a post-demo follow-up email with a friendly tone. Thank the customer, and include a 4-5 bulleted list of the summary of the call.

List key takeaways in a relaxed style, and outline action items. Encourage open communication for any queries. Have a proper closing for the email.

Sample 3

Create an upbeat follow-up post sales call email with a customer. Convey enthusiasm about the potential partnership, highlight benefits and key takeaways persuasively, and list action items with an optimistic outlook.

Sample 4

Compose a formal email after a business call. Express gratitude, provide a detailed summary with key points, and clearly list action items. Identify and include timestamped key moments from the call.

Maintain professionalism, ensuring clarity in outlining next steps.

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