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Guide to Deal Forecasting with Rafiki
Guide to Deal Forecasting with Rafiki

How forecasting works with Rafiki

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Every one of us adheres to unique workflows tailored to our specific roles, regularly facing the hurdle of disconnected data. With the vast array of communication tools at our disposal, essential data from conversations often fails to make its way into CRMs, complicating the task of assessing the progress of deals in our pipeline.

Rafiki offers deal alerts that allow sales and customer success representatives to identify which deals in their forecast pipeline are poised for closure. This enables them to refine their forecasts to include only those deals they are confident about closing within a specified timeframe.

By integrating insights from customer interactions with your sales pipeline data, Rafiki empowers your Go-To-Market teams to create revenue forecasts with greater assurance.

Armed with precise forecasts as their guiding star, sales leaders can lead their teams towards surpassing revenue targets with certainty.

To access the features with Rafiki Forecasting you must integrate your CRM.

Instructions for connecting your CRM to Rafiki can be found in the Integrations section of the Help Center.

Deal forecasting for Rafiki currently works with:

Forecast Amount

With this, you can choose how the Forecast Amount is displayed in your forecasting view. Forecast Amount options are set up in your CRM and pulled in by Rafiki.

Total Amount - Actual deal amount that’s in your CRM is displayed in Rafiki.

Forecast Category

Forecast Category (Forecast Type in case of salesforce) is a property within your CRM. Rafiki imports these values from your CRM and are displayed in Rafiki.

We map the following forecast categories from Salesforce

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