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Dialpad Integration

How to integrate Rafiki with Dialpad dialer

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To integrate Rafiki with Dialpad, generate a Dialpad API

Dialpad API license level

API keys can only be created by Dialpad customers on the Pro and Enterprise plans
To create and access an API key, you must be a Company Admin.

Copy the generated API key.

Note: Remember to set your users to be recorded in DialPad

  1. Login to Rafiki Console

  2. Click on Add Integration in the Dialpad card

    Dialpad Rafiki Integration

  3. Enter the copied API Key

    Rafiki Dialpad integration - api key

  4. Remember to set your users to be recorded in Dialpad

  5. Calls made on Dialpad by Rafiki users will be processed and appear in the Rafiki Dashboard

Important note:

All calls must be recorded in Dialpad.

If your Dialpad permits you can setup Admin Recording in your Dialpad Dashboard. Alternately you can individually record each call once the call begins.

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