Invite Other Users

If your organization is not using Google SSO or Microsoft SSO then additional users can be added using these steps.

  1. Login to Rafiki App and Navigate to Settings > User Management > Users

  2. Click Add New User

  3. New Users can be added From CRM or By Email ID

    1. From CRM > Select from the available list of users in your CRM (if CRM integration has already been done)

    2. By Email Id: Enter Email, Name

  4. Select Team (Optional):

    If Teams have already been created then they will be available in the dropdown

  5. Select License Types: Default selection for new users will be Free and this will change once the license has been purchased for the user.

Premium are paid seats for folks who are actively recording their meetings, connect with deals/Accounts and sync with CRM and want them to appear in Rafiki. This is the highest level of access that provides premium analytics, in addition to all the

AI Assistant are paid seats for folks that can record their meetings but not able to sync with CRM or get advanced analytics that are revenue impacting

Free users have access to everything in the platform that Premium and AI Assistant do, except not able to record any meeting; However, Freemium users can optionally get a day-pass for occasional recording for a small fee

Click on Add User. The new user will be notified by email with the instructions to change password on first time login.

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