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Opportunity/Deal Intelligence

Leverage Rafiki's AI Insights from Customer Conversations to get Deal or Opportunity Intelligence for your pipeline

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Opportunity or Deal intelligence

Get detailed deal intelligence on the DEALS page. The deal screens give you a 360 degree view of what’s going on in your deals, enables you to separate opinions from facts, helps you to build a predictable deal forecast with high accuracy, and close more deals.

Get the knowledge you need instantly

Deal screens summarizes interactions for all deals, and can be sorted by team, rep, stage, and close date. This lets you quickly understand which deals are going well or which deals at risk, and give you confidence with predictable accuracy.

Warnings (beta version) will highlight deals that you need to pay attention to while those that are doing well are shown as to why they are do.

The deals include account name, activity, next call, amount, close date, stage, owner.

Leverage deal intelligence - How you use the board depends on your role:


  • Use the page to recap to prioritize your pipeline

  • Summarize deals that require your attention

  • Drill down to delve into deeper discussions


  • Review and identify sales execs and deals that require your attention

  • Confirm your projection against what happens in your deal pipeline review

  • Produce a real forecast

Senior Managers:

  • Review your managers' team forecasts

  • Cross check with your manager and measure against what you see in the pipeline review

  • Update forecast based on actual conversations and insights from Rafiki

  • Understand the assumptions that your managers made against what happened

Though the Deals page is aimed at reps, their managers, and their senior managers, anyone can use the page.


  • Select the team or rep, close date, and/or forecast category in the top bar.


  • Click the arrows next to a column title to sort the board by that column.

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