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View upcoming calls

On the homepage, click the Meetings menu.

Meeting dashboard

The leftmost panel has the All Meetings, My Team Meetings, and My Meetings meetings tabs.

Meeting dashboard

Select Upcoming to see your upcoming meetings. This shows all the calls you are hosting or registered as a participant. (Upcoming meetings for your team or org is not shown currently)

To cancel recording

Cancel recording for meetings you don't want to be recorded by deselecting the "Recording" option (and vice versa). If you are not the host, you can request the host to cancel the recording.

View Recorded Calls

All Meetings shows all the calls, recorded in your organization and

My Meetings shows all your calls that were recorded.

The left panel has Sort by Date and by Name on the top right side, under the 3 vertical dots. The left panel provides the meeting list.

Each meeting on the left panel also offers additional options under the 3 vertical dot menu selections: The options are Edit the Meeting name or Add to PlayList, Share the Meeting with another internal user or Share Link with an outside party. (that doesn't need Rafiki Account)


Edit User Option allows the user to Edit the Meeting Name, Change the Meeting Owner (if needed), and Update Speaker Names

Edit meeting

Add Playlist option allows the user to add the Meeting to a playlist per below:

Add to playlists in Rafiki

and Share with Internal Users allows the user to select a user or a team to broadly share the meeting internally:

Meeting and playlist sharing internally and externally

Also, the "Share the link" option allows the user to easily create the link and share it. to whomever.

External sharing

From the left panel, Select any meeting by clicking on it, to see the Transcripts loaded onto the middle panel and the video on the right panel.

The transcript middle panel has 4 sub-tabs General, Notes, Snippet, and Analysis, with General selected by default, and showing the Transcripts and Video.


The General (Transcript & Topics)

This tab provides the transcripts in the middle panel, with the Video on the right panel.

The transcript is auto-generated by Rafiki as soon as the recording is complete, with a high degree of accuracy and one of the best in the industry (based on comparable web-based conversations).

In addition to industry-leading transcription quality to boast of, which captures not only difficult-to-capture industry terms, the system also discerns the various speakers and identifies the rep from the bio voice recognition pattern. The system depends on the conference call's speaker identification data to further tag the other speakers. (the user has the option to edit this once with the meeting edit options)

Clicking on the Video Play option on the right panel, plays the video and also keeps the transcript on an auto-scroll mode, where the snippet spoken is highlighted and keeps track of the point in time in the video.

AI based topics

The Right Video panel has the usual Video play, stop, fast forward and skip backward volume and hi-speed play options. It also shows useful conversation metrics such as the "Talk-Listen Ratio" and others. Please refer to the Conversation Metrics article to learn more about those.

The speaker and topics bands below the video panel show when the speakers are talking, how long, and for what portion of the call. Clicking any of the band markers, will jump the video to that point and with it the transcript too.

The transcript blocks of text have additional options to play, add Comments, add Notes, and create Snippets.

Scrolling the transcript manually will temporarily stop the Auto Scroll and can be resumed, by clicking the "Auto Scroll" button.

The Topic toggle next to Transcript, allows the user to quickly switch to the Topic view.

Selecting the specific topic category will show the sub-topics or tracker (user-created topic - more on this in this link) with additional details on how long it was spoken and what was spoken under that topic.

The topic categorization is one of the hallmarks of Rafiki's AI technology. Combined with high-quality transcription, speaker identification, and Topic detection, Rafiki's AI technology levels the playing field for the user.

Quickly drill in to see who spoke what and when and watch the markers on the right panel to jump into that point to hear it.

The transcript panel also provides a handy search option to quickly drill into words or phrases or select by the speaker. Clear the x button to reset the transcript to its original full state.

Notes Tab

Rafiki is the only Conversation Intelligence provider that automatically generates the summary notes under a topic for further editing by the user. This will save a lot of effort as it syncs with your CRM.

AI generated notes

Snippets Tab

The Snippets tab provides a couple of convenient and easy ways to create and share portions of your meeting. It provides an easy way to access the snippets under that meeting for later playback. These snippets can also be added to a playlist for training or other purposes.


Analysis Tab

Here you can quickly compare and contrast your current meeting with other meetings or other reps and see how your conversion metrics are fairing against your own prior meeting or from another rep.

The left section under this tab offers 3 options:

The general stats allows you to compare the Talk-Listen Ratio, Longest Monologue, Longest Story, Patience, Question Rate, and Interactivity stats across time.

Meeting level anaylsis

You can also add another rep or team's meetings over time and compare the metrics.


The Topic Tracks option, gives a detailed view of the topics spoken over time and quickly allows you to compare how another rep may have addressed the meetings. By comparing the Topic Tracks

Topic tracks

The topic Breakdown option similarly allows the rep to compare the topics and their sub-topics across multiple meetings.

Topic breakdown

With these detailed analysis options and state-of-the-art transcription quality, Rafiki provides unsurpassed Conversation Analytics and Intelligence to the user.

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