This article explains how to use the Playlist feature and improve ramp time for your rep

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The playlist feature helps organize meetings and snippets from those meetings for easy access at a later time.

Some examples of playlists you might want to create

  • A playlist for meetings about your company (for example, training for onboarding)

  • A playlist for meetings related to skills and areas for improvement in your team.

  • A playlist for meeting snippets to learn key features of your product.

  • A playlist to help new sales reps ramp up quickly.

  • A playlist for great customer calls, for example, where they give great feedback

  • A playlist of when competitors were mentioned and how that was handled.

  • A playlist for calls and snippets relevant to teams in your organization, for example, Sales, Sales Enablement, Customer Success, Support, Product, and so on.

Add to Playlist

You can add to the playlist from the top right list of icons or from the left panel icons for a given meeting.

Add to playlist

Once presented with a modal, choose to create a new playlist or Add to an existing playlist.

Add to playlist

List of Playlists

See list of playlists by choosing the top Playlist Menu bar

Upon choosing, the playlist 2-panel screen shows up with the left panel, providing a list of playlists


Selecting a playlist shows the list of meetings or snippets that were added to the playlist on the right panel.

The User can now play a snippet or a meeting, by clicking one of those on the right panel, upon which a modal will open to play the meeting. The user can play subsequent meetings by selecting Prev or Next buttons.

Rafiki playlists

Playlist Edit, Share, or Delete

The playlist name can easily be edited, and the playlist itself can be deleted or Shared. Deleting the playlist will not delete the meetings or snippets under it. Only Rafiki can delete it permanently. The owner of the meetings or snippet (under a meeting) can delete those from the meeting, but it will only be a soft delete and kept in an archive for a period before being permanently deleted.

share and delete playlists

Deleting Meeting or Snippet from Play list is easily accomplished by selecting the three-dot icons and choosing the "Delete from Playlist" option

delete playlists

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