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This article will help you modify the settings to setup and customize Rafiki to your organization

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Rafiki User profile, Change Password, and Logout options are always easily accessible at the top right-hand corner of the app:

User profile

Selecting Profile, allows one to change their personal details or upgrade or downgrade per policy:

user profile settings

The User can teach Rafiki AI to recognize his or her voice by reading out the text and storing per below:

voice pattern recording


The notification configurations are accessible from the Settings > General > Notifications option. These are various notification events that the user can decide to turn on or off depending on the need.

Email notification settings

The User Management tab provides full self-administration capabilities:

User management

The Add User button provides two ways to add users.

  1. Directly from CRM

Adding new users


2. By EMail Id (from that tab)

Add new user by email

Add/Edit Team

You can easily add or edit teams and add the users created above to form your team.

edit team

Roles and Permissions:

This is a powerful settings option that is useful for larger size organizations, where there could be dedicated roles for admin or managing various functions. As you grow your organization, Rafiki gracefully manages user growth with you. With the divide-and-conquer approach to roles and responsibilities, you never have to outgrow Rafiki's powerful Enterprise capabilities.

License settings
Roles and permissions


A whole help section is allocated to addressing the powerful integration options of Rafiki. This Integration tab is your window into customizing your integration with Rafiki and maximizing the workflow benefits,

Rafiki Integrations

While your organization may not leverage all of the powerful integration capabilities, the Calendar (Mandatory), a Web Conference tool (highly recommended) and a CRM (must-have for Customer facing functions) would be quite helpful in maximizing the value you get out of Rafiki.


Trackers are a powerful way to teach Rafiki AI your company and Industry specific terms or concepts. For example, the Competitor List for your company is something that you can easily customize so Rafiki picks up when it comes up in the conversations and provide powerful analytics across all your customer conversations.

Configure trackers

Recording and Compliance:

Rafiki helps you manage your recording and data compliance through its direct integration with the Conference call provider and by giving you ways to limit recording when needed either in advance or on an ad-hoc basis.

Recording settings

Refer to the Conference Call Provider-specific customizations when you integrate with that provider through Rafiki to further fine-tune what and when you would like the recording announcement to be shown.


Finally, you are in control of your billing destiny. You can upgrade or downgrade anytime, per your policy, with these easy-to-manage billing and subscription screens:


You can connect the billing activity and maintain current Payment Methods to ensure that your account stays active and current.

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