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Rafiki - CRM Integration Checklist
Rafiki - CRM Integration Checklist

Prerequisites for Rafiki CRM integration

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Integrating Rafiki and Your CRM: Overview

Now that you have reviewed the Getting started Checklist, let's go over integrating Rafiki with your CRM. This goal of this integration is to tie the valuable data from your conversations to the data in your CRM. Below you’ll find a checklist of milestones involved in syncing your CRM to get the most out of this integration.


We require CRM’s admin login with the same email into Rafiki to perform the CRM integration. We recommend completing this integration using your integration user login if your organization uses one.

Hubspot Checklist:

  • All you need to do is sync Hubspot to link your meeting to your Hubspot data.

Salesforce Checklist:

  • All you need to do is sync Salesforce to link your meeting to your Salesforce data.

Zoho Checklist:

  • All you need to do is sync Zoho to link your meeting to your Zoho data.

Regardless of CRM, and Depending on your tech stack, we also recommend:

  • If you use Zoom, set up the Zoom Native integration for better audio and visual quality, no intrusive bot, recording controls are directly tied together.

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