Congratulations and Asante Sana (means Thank you very much in Swahili) for trusting in Rafiki!

As an admin you have been trusted to take care of your team. We will help you do that, here. Let's get started with this checklist of linked items, shall we?

  1. For Organizations using Single Sign on:

    1. Sign in for the first time with Google SSO

      Using Single sign-on automatically integrates with your Calendar. Each additional user in the organization should follow the same steps to sign up for Rafiki

  2. For Organizations signing up with work email:

    1. Sign in for the first time

    2. Add users

    3. Integrate with Calendar

  3. Confirm Voice Pattern has been recorded.

  4. Add teams (Optional)

  5. Integrate with Conference tool - To be completed by Web Conference Tool Admin User:

    1. Zoom Web Conference Integration (Follow all steps in linked articles)

  6. Integrate with CRM (for Premium License Users) - To be Completed by CRM Admin User:

    1. Salesforce CRM Integration (FAQs)

    2. Hubspot CRM Integration (FAQs)

    3. Zoho CRM Integration (FAQs)

    4. Pipedrive CRM Integration (FAQs)

  7. Integrate with Dialers (Optional)

    1. Hubspot Dialer

    2. Outreach Dialer

    3. Aircall Dialer

  8. Set up custom trackers (Optional)

  9. Customize Language Model (Optional)

  10. Understand how data is organized in Rafiki

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