Welcome to Rafiki!

Welcome to Rafiki. Thank you for choosing us.

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Welcome to Rafiki! Asante Sana (Thank you in Swahili) for choosing us.

Rafiki is a revenue and conversation intelligence platform that helps you gain visibility into all your customer conversations and build a champion sales team.

Rafiki leverages best in class AI to record, transcribe, analyze your customer conversations across web conferences, and dialer calls to give your precise, actionable insights that will help you close more deals faster and help your sales reps get better with every call. Rafiki automatically records your meetings, transcribes the conversation, sorts your meeting transcripts by topic, marks the percentage and duration of the topic’s discussion, generates notes by topics discussed, and syncs it to your CRM all without you having to lift a finger one you’ve set up Rafiki.

With Rafiki you can quickly onboard new reps, emulate success of successful reps, identify and help struggling reps and bridge the skill gap. Rafiki also integrates with your favorite business applications such as Zoom, Google calendar, Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho CRM, Outreach, Aircall, and more out of the box so you can get started from the get go while ensuring a robust sales process flow across all your applications.

We can’t wait to get you started! We promise to be a Rafiki (‘wise friend’ in Swahili) to you.

Key Benefits of Rafiki

Deliver great customer experience

With conversation intelligence, you’ll know exactly what’s striking a chord with each of your prospects, how to better engage them, and eventually give them a nudge into becoming your customer - all in a non-intrusive, friendly way.

Never miss a winnable deal again

With opportunity intelligence, you’ll be able to spot deal risks, churn signals, close signals, competitor mentions, and take appropriate action at the right time to never leave money on the table again.

Build a team of champion sales leaders

Why have just a few successful reps when your whole team can be champions? With organization intelligence, you can emulate the success sauce of your best performing reps, coach the struggling ones, onboard new reps faster, and build a team that never misses a deal.

Find more than what you’re looking for

With Rafiki’s AI-driven search across all meetings and meeting level transcript, you will always find more than what you’re looking for. You’ll not only get text matches but will also get relevant topic matches, connection matches, synonym matches pertaining to your search phrase.

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