What Does Rafiki do?

Rafiki's overview of data gathering

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Rafiki integrates with your favorite sales enablement tools and helps you unify your meeting data in one platform enabling you to get a thorough understanding of what’s actually happening between your sales team and your prospect or customer. This way you can always stay informed of your deals and will never be caught off guard.

With Rafiki by your side you will always be a step ahead of the curve and will have the ability to constantly up your team’s performance after every sales call.

Rafiki gathers data from four main sources

Scheduled video or conference calls

Rafiki integrates with your users’ Google calendar and picks up scheduled meetings or conference calls. Rafiki automatically starts recording the meeting, from your integrated web conferencing solution once it's underway depending on the setting you’ve chosen for your organization. (Though the web conferencing application notifies that the meeting is being recorded, we strongly recommend you inform the stake holders that the meeting will be recorded for training and service quality assessment purposes.)

The meetings are stored for a duration depending on your subscription plans for you to come back and review them at any time.

The meeting transcript is auto generated and you even get AI-generated notes by topics discussed that can directly be synced to your integrated CRM.

With Rafiki, you never have to worry about jotting down points and can give the customer your undivided attention.

Dialer Calls

Rafiki records the calls made by your users from their dialer as well.

The call transcript is imported to Rafiki through the API integrations available for the dialer.

The calls are stored by Rafiki so you can listen to them and review the conversation at any time.

Rafiki generates all the analytics for dialer calls as well so you don’t have to worry about anything else apart from engaging the prospect well.

CRM Data

Rafiki integrates with popular CRMs such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, and more to gather accurate relevant information about your deals from the CRM.

Rafiki brings in different stages of your company’s sales cycle, the accounts you’re dealing with, deals under each account, meetings under each deal, contacts and reps for each meeting or deal, the current sales stage of every deal, the next expected stages, and deal risks on a single screen.

Rafiki matches the meeting data and reps involved in the meeting with the contact, lead details, available on details available on your integrated CRM to give you enhanced insights about the ongoing deals.

Email Data*

Rafiki connects with popular email providers such as G Suite and Outlook and imports relevant emails by deal, correlates the email data with your CRM and delivers unified insights across all deals.

*Coming soon: Email data

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