Who uses Rafiki?

Every role benefits from Rafiki! Here are some roles that Rafiki serves most commonly

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Any team that is having remote conversations can benefit from Rafiki. The use of the solution is limited only by your requirement and creativity. However, Rafiki is typically used by customer-facing teams to harvest actionable insights from their customer conversations. Here are the typical roles that benefit from Rafiki.

Account Executives (AEs) / Reps

Rafiki helps AEs sell better.

Rafiki records all the calls of AEs and helps AEs come back to review their conversations anytime after the call. They can review not only the call but also their conversation metrics such as interactivity, question rate, talk-listen ratio, etc., and course-correct their next conversation to engage their prospects better.

Sales Leaders

Rafiki helps sales leaders establish realistic pipelines.

Rafiki’s customer insights including customer metrics such as longest story, interactivity, and AI-driven deal topics such as deal risks, late-stage triggers, competitor mentions, and more from all customer conversations help sales leaders identify deals that may potentially fall off, pull them back, and ensure they stick to their set deal pipeline.

Sales Enablement Leaders

Rafiki helps sales enablement leaders equip the right people with the right arsenal.

Rafiki’s metrics by topic and deal stage across all customer conversations aids sales enablement leaders to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each rep and bridge the performance gap by giving them personalized coaching at scale. Sales enablement leaders can build a team of sharpshooters and thereby shorten their business’ sales cycle.

SDR leaders

Rafiki helps SDR leaders reduce variance across their teams.

Rafiki throws light on deal winning patterns of successful reps and the not-so-successful patterns of weaker reps. SDR leaders can spot sales techniques that work best for their business, stick to them, and emulate the success pattern across their whole team. SDR leaders use Rafiki to ensure uniformity in their selling process across all their teams.

Customer Success Leaders

Rafiki helps customer success leaders ensure a smooth customer experience.

Customer success leaders use Rafiki’s conversation intelligence to spot metrics such as churn signals, close signals, late-stage triggers, etc, and preemptively take action to ensure that customer experience is on the right track. They can ensure a flawless customer experience and turn loyal customers into brand ambassadors.

Startup founders

Rafiki helps startup founders get their products to market faster and better.

Rafiki’s revenue and conversation intelligence help startup founders find the right product-market fit quickly and efficiently. They can use Rafiki’s conversation parameters such as competitor mentions, longest monologue, to find what’s striking a chord with their prospects and identify the most effective selling process to secure their initial market affirmation deals much faster than their competitors, unless the competitors are using Rafiki too!

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