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How your team can bring in more revenue with Rafiki?
How your team can bring in more revenue with Rafiki?

Increase your team's revenue with Rafiki

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Rafiki’s revenue and conversation intelligence across all your sales meetings enable your team to have better conversations with your prospects or customers.

Rafiki records, transcribes, and analyzes all your sales conversations and brings to light the sales dynamics of your team.

It helps identify your successful reps and the weaker ones, sales processes that have a high hit rate and the ones that don’t, product features that engage your prospects better, and the ones that aren’t popular. All of which help your team close more deals faster.

For additional convenience and to ensure a seamless sales process, Rafiki integrates with all your favorite business applications such as CRM, dialers, calendars, and more ensuring data sync between all integrated applications in real-time. You never have to worry about half-baked sales data in any of your integrated applications.

Salient Benefits

  • Get a centralized view of your accounts, deals, meetings, and next steps in one screen.

  • Identify the selling pattern that suits your organization the best and replicate it across your entire sales process.

  • Know which reps are killing it and which ones need help. Coach the struggling ones with data-backed success methods.

  • Enable new reps up to hit the road running by sharing snippet playlists of best practices and poor practices that you create in Rafiki.

  • Unify your entire sales process across different outbound channels such as emails, web conferencing, chats.

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