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What is the default display language in Rafiki?

English (US)

What languages does Rafiki support?

Rafiki supports Spanish, Latin American Spanish, French, Canadian French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, and Hindi apart from English

What do you get in Rafiki for English Transcription?

  • Transcripts: Rafiki generates transcripts for your conversations once your meeting or call is done.

  • Search: Rafiki enables you to search the transcript of either one meeting or transcripts of all your meetings. The search not only displays the matched text phrases but also other relevant information that is related to your search phrase.

  • Trackers: You can add different words under a topic from Rafiki’s settings page for each supported language. For example, you can add ‘Competitor A’, and ‘Competitor B’ under the topic ‘Competitor Mentions’. Rafiki automatically understands that A & B are competitors and will flag them appropriately everywhere they appear in your customer conversations

  • Custom vocabulary: You can add custom words for supported languages and add them to relevant topics.

What do you get in Rafiki in other supported languages?

  • Rafiki does not provide Topic detection, Search, or other Analytics for non-English languages yet.

  • All menus in the Rafiki App will still be in English. Only the transcription language changes.

  • All meetings will be transcribed in the set language for the user.

  • Rafiki does not support multiple languages for the same user.

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