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Coach your team with the best practices
Coach your team with the best practices

Emulate the success pattern of your best reps across your whole team

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Once you’ve identified the best conversationalist and their success pattern, you can put it to use by coaching your team and help bridge the gap between weaker and stronger reps.

  • You can snippet portions of their meetings, add them to a playlist, and share it with your team to help them understand why specific techniques work.

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  • You can add comments to specific portions of meeting transcripts with ‘@’ mentions to your teammates asking them to take a look at the transcript portion.

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  • Take a look at the meeting topic patterns side by side with other benchmark meetings to understand how each rep’s meeting went.

  • View the rep conversation duration at different deal stages across all meetings to identify and bridge the skill gaps of your reps.

  • Search for specific phrases across a single meeting’s transcript or across all transcripts of all meetings to see if common success phrases were overused or underused in your meetings.

See how you can emulate the success pattern?

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