View CRM Accounts by your Team

Get all your Account data from your CRM right on Rafiki's account's screen

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Know who is involved in handling each account in your organization

Rafiki’s integration with your CRM allows you to import all the accounts and their pertaining details listed on your CRM, and the sales process set in your organization. Apart from viewing all the accounts, Rafiki’s accounts screen shows you the number of deals under each account, the contacts, involved in the account, the rep(s) handling the account, meetings that have happened with the account’s contacts, the total amount involved account across all deals, when the account got listed, and when it was last updated.

Accounts screen on Rafiki pulled from your CRM

You can have a centralized, consolidated view of all the details and can sort the records in ascending or descending manner by clicking on the column title of the respective column.

Sorting accounts screen by different column headers.

You can also toggle between accounts view either by clicking on the “Deals View” button or selecting the view from the drop-down listed next to accounts.

Togging between accounts and deals view in Rafiki.

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