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This article helps you understand the notifications each user receives from Rafiki and how they can be configured.

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Rafiki sends email notifications after calls are transcribed and analyzed, daily, weekly, or once in two weeks. Users can choose to get notifications on a variety of Rafiki’s features such as deal summary, account summary, comments on your meeting’s transcripts, comments where they've been mentioned, daily meetings summary, and more.

Users can view your notification settings by going to

Settings → General Tab → Notifications.

All available notifications users can configure in Rafiki and their corresponding delivery frequencies are listed in the table below.



My Meeting Summary

Sent right after your meeting ends

Comments on My Meetings

Sent when comments were added to your meeting

Comments with @mention

Sent when your name was mentioned in a comment

Scorecard Feedback

Sent when scorecard was entered for your meeting

My Daily Meeting Summary

Sent daily

My Daily Playlist Updates

Sent daily

My Weekly Meeting Summary

Sent weekly on Saturday

My Weekly Playlist Updates

Sent weekly on Saturday

Deal Signals

Sent twice a week

Team Coaching

Sent twice a week

Users can enable/disable any of the notifications listed below on Rafiki according to their needs.

All notifications are sent to the user's email ID that has been configured in Rafiki.

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