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Integrating with Google Meet

How does Rafiki integrate with Google Meet

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Rafiki provides Google Meet integration support for Google Workspace (formerly known as GSuite) Business Standard and above Customers.

Google allows recording of video meetings with these Google Workspace editions:

  • Essentials

  • Business Standard

  • Business Plus

  • Enterprise Essentials

  • Enterprise Standard

  • Enterprise Plus

  • Education Standard (Available to users with a "staff" and "student" license)

  • Education Fundamentals (Available to users with a "staff" and "student" license)

  • Education Plus (Available to users with a "staff" and "student" license)

  • Teaching and Learning Upgrade (Available to users with a “Teaching and Learning Upgrade” license)

  • Workspace Individual Subscriber

Important: Please follow the steps in tis article to enable recording for all users. This step is highly recommended to reliably get Google Recordings

For further details on setting up Google Meet to automatically please refer to this article.

Rafiki handles Meet integration as part of the Google Calendar integration and will be able to transcribe and analyze calls only if you have necessary Google Workspace license.


Meeting organizer must be a Rafiki User with the necessary Google Workspace license to be able to transcribe calls.

Rafiki will NOT process meetings where the meeting organizer is not a Rafiki User.

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