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Contextual Post-meeting Follow-ups with Rafiki
Contextual Post-meeting Follow-ups with Rafiki

See-through deals till closing even post-demos

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Reps can send follow-up emails to prospects after a demo to

  • highlight key moments from the meeting to increase the response rate.

  • attach or share collateral.

  • engage in a live chat to answer additional questions/objections.

Rafiki sends the reps' email messages to the prospects along with a secured meeting link. Rafiki tracks this link and alerts the sender rep immediately when the link is opened. Reps can open the shared video and use the live chat to engage with the prospects instantly, address any questions they may have, and aid their buying process without waiting for a volley of back-and-forth emails.

Reps can mark key moments in their meeting videos that have important discussions in the call.

See how the follow-up feature works:

Post meeting Followup

Follow Up Workflow

  1. Rep sends a follow-up from Rafiki

    Rich text email editor with Key moments from call tagged

    A chat room is created, where all recipients of the follow-up email are added as participants along with the sender rep.

  2. Prospect(s) receive an email with a shared meeting link and the highlighted key moments from the call.

    Follow-up email

  3. The prospects click one of the snippets in the email or view the meeting (from the shared View Meeting link in the email). They can use the "Chat with Rep" button to ask any questions or respond to reps' comments in the prospect view screen as shown below.

    Live chat with prospect

    Prospects can invite additional people from their organization to view the meeting information including the collateral shared earlier. Newly added participants will be included in the chat room, where they can ask questions and view collateral to bring themselves up to speed.

    Note: Click on the View Collateral button to view/download the attached files.

  4. Reps receive a notification when any of the prospects or stakeholders open the link in the email.

    Shared link tracking

    Clicking on the "Chat with Prospect" link in the email will take reps to the particular meeting in Rafiki with the in-meeting Chat tab open.

    Important Note:

    Ensure Notifications from Rafiki are allowed in the browser send follow up message and to get notified on live chat.Follow Up will not work in browser incognito mode.


    Please follow the browser-specific instructions as per this article to confirm that can send notifications, follow-up messages cannot be sent without enabling this in the browser.

  5. Reps can now use the chat option to interact with prospects instantly to re-engage them, keep their interest intact, and shorten the purchase cycle.

    Follow-up chat

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