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How to install and use Rafiki Chrome Extension

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Rafiki Chrome Extension allows you to automatically record web conferences that can be transcribed, searched, and shared internally or externally.
The Rafiki Chrome extension is a great alternative to recording meetings that where you are not the organizer. Capture directly from your browser when hosting or attending meetings on Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Cisco Webex, Zoho Meet, Amazon Chime, and more.

The extension will record calls for up to 3 hours.
​How to Install

  1. Install the extension from the Chrome extension store

  2. After installation, click on the Extension icon on your nav bar and pin Rafiki to the Chrome browser's navigation bar

    Rafiki chrome extension setup

  3. Click on the Rafiki icon in the top nav bar and log in to Rafiki. If you have an account, please create one from the registration page.

    Login to Rafiki in Extension
  4. Click on the Settings icon to set up to record Audio or Video. Rafiki will capture both tab audio of the other speakers and your own mic audio for the meeting.

    audio/video recording settings in extension

  5. You are all done with the setup and ready to use Rafiki for your meetings!!

Rafiki chrome extension setup

How it works

If this is your first time using the extension, click the Rafiki extension and click Activate Microphone.


Remember to follow your respective local call recording laws and notify participants as required.

After installation, whenever you have a meeting click the Rafiki icon and click start recording.

Rafiki chrome extension setup

Rafiki chrome extension setup

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once the recording starts you will see a window as seen in the above screenshot in the background. Please do not close this window at any point. It will close automatically once the file upload has been completed.

  • Pause/Resume Recording: To skip recording unwanted portions of your meeting click on the Pause Recording button. To resume recording click on the button again to restart recording Audio/Video.

    Rafiki chrome extension record

  • Delete Recording: While recording, if you want to delete this recording click on the X in the Rafiki Recording Panel to stop and delete the recording.

    Supported Web Conferencing Tools

    You can record meetings on almost any Chrome browser-based platform. Here's a list of a few of the popular platforms people use the Rafiki chrome extension with

    supported meeting platforms - rafiki extension

    Rafiki Meeting Dashboard

  1. If you have the Meeting Processing Completed notification enabled, you will get an email when the meeting has been transcribed and analyzed.

  2. Clicking on Help Icon in the left bottom pane will take you to our help guide where you find other Rafiki guides/articles.

  3. Meeting features available to you would be based on which plan you are on currently. Plans are as follows:

    • Free

    • Paid (AI Assistant or Premium)

  4. Rafiki Notification Settings:

    1. Allow Meeting Reminder serves as a gentle reminder to follow call compliance laws and notify participants where required.

    2. Allow Meeting Processing sends an email notification when the meeting is ready to be viewed in the Meeting Dashboard.

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