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Customize your Deal Insights/Warnings Parameters
Customize your Deal Insights/Warnings Parameters

Choose warnings that are appropriate to your team and sales cycles

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Rafiki lets you customize your Deal Insights/Warnings to suit your sales cadence and cycles.

Deal warnings

Choose parameters that you would like to show in your Deal Dashboard.

Use the slider switch to disable the warning on any parameter:

No activity

No activity for X days


No prospect activity for X days


The close date is in the past

Not enough contacts

Choose Y Contacts or fewer than X days

BANT mentioned

Budget, Authority, Need, and Timing Mentioned in meetings for the deal

Competitors mentioned

As mentioned in a meeting

Next Steps not set

Next steps not set up


No mention and the deal is closing in X days or less

High Stakeholders not involved

No active C-Suite or high-level prospect is involved and the deal is closing in X days

Stalled in stage

Stuck in stage for more than X days

Click on update to save settings for the account.

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