FAQs on Slack Integration

Troubleshooting and Tips on what the Rafiki <> Slack integration offers

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What permissions does Rafiki need for Slack?

The Rafiki-Slack integration uses the Slack API scopes described in this article: Slack Scopes used by Rafiki.

How many Slack workspaces can I connect to?

You can connect your Rafiki account to one Slack workspace.

Does the Slack integration work with the free version of Slack?

Yes we can! As far as we know, the free version of Slack supports up to 3 integrations, so you can connect Rafiki as 1 of the 3.

What are the benefits of connecting Rafiki to Slack?

Let your team know right away when important calls take place. For example, you can notify team members of calls in which competitors are mentioned, concerns are raised, and when coaching moments arise.

What should I do after I connect Rafiki to Slack?

Turn on notifications for Rafiki users to start getting notified about comments and calls. Enable Slack notifications so that you and your team are notified when relevant calls happen.

How do I enable Rafiki notifications in a private Slack channel?

To enable notifications from Rafiki in a private channel, first add the Rafiki app to the channel. Anyone in the channel can do this by opening the channel, typing /Add apps to this channel, and then adding Rafiki.

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