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Fix transcription language
Fix transcription language

Dont see the meeting transcribed in the language spoken?

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Rafiki's transcription engine identifies the language that was spoken at a meeting. If the language of a call is incorrectly identified, or if multiple languages were spoken in a call and you want the transcript to reflect a different language, you can reprocess the call directly from the meeting page.

  1. Navigate to the Meeting Dashboard > Select the meeting > Click Fix Transcription Language Icon on the left of the Meeting top pane

    Meeting Content Panel

  2. Pick the correct language spoken on the meeting

    Select language to transcribe in

  3. Click on reprocess meeting


  • Reprocessing can take up to 1 hour, during which time the call will be unavailable.

  • Reprocessing is not translating, and the meeting transcript will be in the newly selected language.

  • If you see that Rafiki is consistently misidentifying your call languages, please contact us at [email protected].

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