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List of admin level settings available in Rafiki

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Set which calls a team member with this profile can access. Admin user has the capability to change these for the entire organization.

To change the meeting viewing settings

Login and navigate to Settings > General

Click on Organization Settings in the left pane

Make the selection Role-based meeting visibility section

Click on the Update button


This setting does not affect Analytics and other features that leverage call data such as coaching metrics.


Gives access to every to all available calls/meetings to all roles (DEFAULT).


Gives access to any call in the Meetings Dashboard based on the user's role settings.

  • Admin role: Has complete access to all user's calls/meetings

  • Manager role: Has access only to their team members calls/meetings

  • Rep/AE role: Has access only to their calls/meetings


With the Role-based option regardless of the permission you set, any team member can access calls shared with them. This includes calls where they are mentioned in a comment and calls in library folders they can have access.

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