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How Rafiki connects meeting and CRM objects
How Rafiki connects meeting and CRM objects

Mapping your meeting to right deal or account

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Rafiki associates the meetings you have with your prospects with the information you have on them in your CRM.

How is the association made:

Rafiki takes the following steps to find the opportunity to associate with:

  1. Rafiki scans your CRM to find a contact or lead with the same email address of the participant in the meeting.

  2. Rafiki tries to associate the meeting with a single opportunity based on the contact from #1:

    1. If there is only one open opportunity at the time of the meeting, it is associated with this opportunity.

    2. If there are multiple open opportunities at the time of the meeting Rafiki selects the opportunity whose last modification date is closest to the meeting start time.

    3. Rafiki only searches for open opportunities. Closed opportunities are not included.

    4. Within an opportunity, we inspect the CRM 'history' objects to identify the last modified date.

    5. Rafiki disregards opportunities that are owned by anyone who is not a Rafiki user.

      Meeting Deal association in Rafiki

  3. If there is no open opportunity found, then Rafiki tries to map an account based on the contacts in the account and the participants of the meeting. If a contact with the email or phone number as in the meeting is found then the meeting is associated to the account

  4. If no account is find but a contact is found with the email or phone matching the participant of the call, then the meeting is associated with the contact

  5. If no contact was also found then Rafiki looks for leads (if the CRM supports leads) that match based on the email or phone number

If a call is not or is wrongly associated, we enable you to manually associate it to an account or opportunity using Edit Meeting (pencil icon) in the Content Panel bar for each meeting.

If we are not able to map the meeting to the CRM object, the Meeting card will display "Meeting is not associated to any Deal or Account" as seen below:

When the meeting is associated to a Deal/Account/Contact or Lead the call summary is automatically pushed to the appropriate CRM object. The summary can be edited in the Rich Text editor and saved (which will update the notes in the CRM Object)

Smart follow up sync

Additionally, automated follow up email messages that are generated in the context of a Deal/Account are pushed to the appropriate CRM object under the notes section.

Deal Summary:

Rafiki also generates a summary of summaries for meetings in the deal on a weekly basis indicating the current status of the deal, summary of the conversations and likely hood of closing as per close date. This summary of summaries at the Deal level is pushed to the CRM deal under notes

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